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Hi There!!!

My name is Donna and this is my daughter Dayna, aka "Dayna Slays." I am a Graphic Designer from Boston, MA and I graduated from Mass College of Art and Design with a BFA in Communication Design. I am a single mom with four children, which can be very challenging at times lol, but being a fun, loving and caring family outweighs those challenges. We enjoy art in many ways and I would say we are a pretty creative family.... ok, well maybe a little overly creative!!

Dayna's nickname "Dayna Slays" was given to her for overcoming her struggles and fears with speech and fine motor skills, learning to advocate for herself, gaining self-confidence and being an amazing academic achiever. Whenever Dayna would accomplish a goal we would say, "Dayna you slayed it!" and the recognition was enough to start building her confidence.

I would like to share a little about  Dayna, who is now 12 years old - and how amazing she is!


Dayna was born with developmental delay which mostly impacted her speech and fine motor skills. The fine motor delay affected her ability to make movements using the small muscles in her hands and wrist.


Some of Dayna’s struggles included turning doorknobs, opening bottles, buttoning clothes, zipping her clothes, and gripping objects. It was hard for her to manipulate most of these objects due to her low dexterity.

At the age of 9, Dayna's struggle really hit me. The school bus came and I sent Dayna down first to get on the bus. After 3 minutes, the school bus was still outside honking for Dayna. As I rush to the hallway and looked down the stairs, I saw Dayna struggling to turn the knob to get out of the building. As a mother I automatically thought "SAFETY." 

"What if Dayna was trapped somewhere and couldn't get out because she didn't have enough hand strength to grip and turn a doorknob or to pull or push it open?"

It made me realize that what may have seem easy for me do, was absolutely a struggle for her.

"Unfortunately, situations like this or similar to this, do exist."


Having a fine motor impairment could lead to a lot of issues for children, for example: safety, insecurities and lack of engagement. As a parent, I didn’t want this to be a burden for Dayna.


As I watched Dayna’s struggles and needs, I always thought, “What can I do to help?” I created a fine motor exercising book for Dayna called the "dayna slays Fine Motor Book". I designed it with the functions that would stimulate her hand manipulation, give her practice for her self-care skills and exercises for her fingers and hands to help strengthen her muscles. Also, it helps develop her hand writing skills and gripping writing instruments such as pencils, which may also help with the gripping practice of holding toothbrushes and utensils.


I am an empathetic designer and I have a passion to design for those who are in need.

My goal is to expand globally because not only did I want to invent this fine motor book for Dayna, but I would also like to help other children who struggle like Dayna as well.

(And adults too!)

Dayna is improving everyday, she is empowering and will continue to slay!!! And I want your children to "slay" as well!!

Donna & Dayna Slays !!

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