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Check out what we developed!

(patent pending covered by USPTO)

After years of development we are happy to show our patent-pending prototype of the Dayna Slays Fine Motor Book. We are currently looking for a manufacturer to get this product in your schools, hospitals, therapy offices and most importantly the homes of many children who need this product for fine motor growth and development.



Dayna Slays fine motor book helps kids with self care skills, hand muscle strengthening and writing with instruments. Each panel is individually laser cut and equipped with multiple functions. 


Children can engage in playful activities that strengthen their hands at the same time. This fine motor tool has  the flexibility to be used as a book or used as a flat layout of panels. 


The back panels have different  boards to practice writing with tools that are included, such as a chalkboard pen, dry erase marker and a dry eraser. The writing cover also has a QR code that links you to the Dayna Slays website to access any relative content.

Practice skills with these functions!

There are five fine motor functions panels on the front side, along with a panel that holds a dry eraser and writing instruments. The backside has different board surfaces to practice writing skills.  

Each function helps promote strength with:

• Holding pencils

• Tying sneakers

• Getting dressed

• Using utensils

• Gripping

• Opening and closing doors

• Pulling and pushing objects. 

Back Cover

Chalk Board

Lined Dry Erase

Chalk Board

Dry Erase Board

Front Cover




Tension Bands

Sensory Pad

Lace Tying

Writing Instruments

fine motor
Fine motor shoe lace tying
dexterity fine motor book
zipper fine motor hands
Dayna Slays Fine motor book

Dayna Slays can be folded into book format, for easy shelf storage. You can carry it on the go and fits it right into a backpack!

Watch the hands-on interaction!

See how the multi-functional use of the dayna slays fine motor book can be beneficial, also adding fun and excitement with every activity!

Practice self-care skills

These function are helpful practice for everyday growth and development. Also, it's a fun way to practice and learn!

We would love your support as Dayna Slays continues to work on ways to help children improve and strengthen their fine-motor skills. 

To find out more information on the Dayna Slays fine motor book 

Contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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